I just have to tell you folks about Roche and her spa! I have been seeing Roche for skin care and permanent make up for close to a year now.

Roche will make a determination about what skin care treatment is best for you after doing a thorough analysis of your skin. I have had a variety of skin care treatments and found all of them to improve the “area of concern” at that time. Most recently, I have had the ‘non-surgical’ facelift + needling. My skin looks better and better all the time. I recently looked at pictures that were taken of myself less than a year ago. To my surprise, my skin had fewer lines. I had forgotten about those lines on my forehead and over the bridge of my nose! Roche, I am not done yet, Sweetie, as my goal is to look 20 again..:)

I also really like my new lips and eyes. I wear less make up and really enjoy waking up looking nearly ready to go out. Now that I know I really like it, I think I would like to go darker on the lips. Be seeing you soon for that too, Roche.

I would recommend Roche to the women who care about their appearance and want to feel good.

Thanks Roche.


Roche is so knowledgable + professional! My first visit was my eyebrows -- what a difference they made to my self esteem! No more trying to draw on my eyebrows after my shower. I love Roche! Next I got eyeliner and again totally awesome job by Roche. I recommend her to all my friends.

The latest was a peel. Again satisfied! Roche enjoys her work and considers what you want as an individual to your skin type.

Thank you, thank you, I feel so good thanks to you, Roche. Next will be my lips! See you soon!

Marlene from Campbell River, Nov. 12 2014

My first trip to Spa Roche was wonderful. Roche is so friendly I got hugs at the door. I had the microdermabrasion treatment and I feel like a new woman! She's very knowledgeable and is up to date on all treatments as she explained every step. I can't wait to come back for more treatments when I come home for a visit. Thanks Roche and thanks Mom (Carol) for introducing me to Roche.

Jodi from Fort McMurray, AB, Nov. 12 2014


The work you perform is head and shoulders above the "run of the mill" spas and beauticians around here.

My face changed virtually immediately after my first visit. I feel as though I have really treated myself to something special and worthwhile.

Thank you!

Andy S. from Parksville

P.S. My wife, also from your place tried you and it was at her urging and because of her excitement after facial treatment that my decision to book myself was easy.

Thank you for making us even more Beautiful !!


I went to another permanent makeup in town since I didn't know about Roche yet unfortunately and that she was offering permanent makeup at cheap price..Well I pay the price by having uneven brows way too dark who turn blue after a while..needless to said I was extremely unsatisfied and regret it right away. After some research I found Roche! she was really professional and had to remake the hole set...she is simply the best now I have natural beautiful eyebrows that I am proud and happy to show! now I know it is better to pay more and get professional result instead of cheap tattoo shop brows designs! many tks Roche! I will send you all my friends!


I didn't get a look at my eyes in a normal (vertical) mirror until I got home just now. I can't believe how "open" you made my eyes look!!
Thank you so much for your time and perseverance today!


Hi Roche,

Just thought I would touch base and let you know how pleased I am with the improvement in my "dots" and those little spidery cheek veins. Their appearance has been much reduced and wearing makeup is practically not necessary.
Thanks so much for the treatments you selected for me - so far they are a nice success!


Hi Roche,

The back peel was awesome! I have way less breakouts and the scarring is significantly reduced. My back peeled quite a bit and was pretty itchy for about 3 days, but the cream you gave me really helped. I wasn't sure if I should get one more peel done on my back. Maybe you could take a look during my appointment and if it needs to be done we could fit it in as well?


What can one say about someone who literally has altered ones life? Thank you wouldn't be enough.

Due to years of over plucking my eyebrows, they became almost non existent, and left me with a pencil everywhere in case of touch ups. I found Roche and was highly recommended by others for her work. I met her and let her do her magic on me, never have I felt more beautiful or confident. The ability to wake up and just go without any makeup, I have no words to express my gratitude. Since having my brows feathered, I have also had my eyeliner done, again, waking and leaving without doing anything is an awesome feeling.

I would and have recommended this talented, kind and professional woman to anyone.

Thank you again Roche for changing my life, for allowing me to never worry if my brows have smudged, and for the confidence you have helped me again. I'm forever grateful.


Hi Roche! Just wanted to say thank you for my eyebrows! They're healed now, and look incredible! It's such a relief to be able to look in the mirror and not be self-conscious anymore. I really can't thank you enough!


In 2011 it was our good fortune to discover Spa Roche. We three sisters enjoy an annual (or semi-annual if we can work it...) get away to the Valley.

Permanent make up was something we had all secretly wondered about and immediately jumped at the opportunity to be at the "Spa"! We were all together for support and encouragement. We started with eye liners and brows and have added more treatments on subsequent visits. (Like lips, dry needling / microdermbrasion...).

We are so happy with the results! Roche works with steady confidence. Her knowledge and ability is top notch. We all love her calm and controlled expertise. We anticipate our next sessions, excited by the improvements she makes.

We are blessed with good health and youthful spirits. Now Roche keeps us looking younger, too!

Louise, Elaine and Barbara, Feb. 2014

The best gift I've given to myself was walking through the door of SPA ROCHE'.
The permanent makeup treatment I received was fantastic!
I look and feel younger. It now takes me a lot less time to get myself together in the mornings.
And as an added bonus, it boosted my confidence..... I feel so much better about myself.
Roche is wonderful. The atmosphere is warm and inviting and the soft music is totally relaxing.
I highly recommend SPA ROCHE' to everyone who needs that pick- me- up in their life.
And beside, don't we all deserve it!!

Sandra St.Amand


I heard about SPA ROCHE from a friend and she introduced me about permanent makeup.

In my case I have an issue with my eyebrows. It doesn't have shape and has a scattered and thin hair. It takes so much time to draw and get the right shape that I wanted. It was frustrating especially in the morning when I don't have a lot of time to spare. I never thought that there was a solution with my issue. I am not much a believer of permanent makeup. I thought it was just a waste of money.

But I convinced myself to try, and it was one of the best decisions I made.

I wake up in the morning and don't have to worry spending time to draw and don't have to worry going swimming too because my eyebrows is still there when I get off from the water. It saves me a lot of time and at some point it will save me some money in the long run because I don't have to buy different kinds of brow pencils and to find the right one that suits me and saves space in my makeup drawer too.

It is so much easier in the morning, so convenient and I feel beautiful day and night.

Once you started you can never stop....
I noticed my skin has some irregularities. Some parts on my face, my neck and decollete. Roche's knowledge in Skin Care, give me confidence to allow her to remove them. My skin irregularities we're gone and she did an amazing job. The discomfort was very minimal. I was so amazed after the treatment. My skin feels clean and I don't have to worry exposing my skin.
Once again, I really, really thank you. Words can never describe how happy I am with the results.

A BIG THANK YOU!!! To my friend and especially to Roche at SPA ROCHE for doing such a great job, your spa is so accommodating I feel welcome every time I visit there. Thank you so much.

Susan Samuels
Campbell River, Vancouver Island

As a Husband's Point of View... My wife takes way less time to get ready to go out and we are on time to events now.

Tim Samuels

Had my second treatment of skin needling. Definite results after the first treatment, lines and creases had softened considerably. I would highly recommend this for deep lines and wrinkles. I always enjoy having Roche work on my skin. She has a great knowledge of skin care, and her no pressure approach makes it a comfortable experience. She always has your best interest at heart and I'm so glad I discovered her studio.


Here at Spa Roche yet the most positive, gratifying manner possible to have Roche check my skin and have her wax my brows. Her love of people and her craft are radiating from within her and this spa. Roche has helped me to understand my skin and become confident with my face for the first time in my life since I was a teen. My acne was always inflamed and painful. I spent literally thousands of $s on treatments and products from other spas/face skin experts. NOTHING worked until Roche! I knew she was here for me when she didn't force payment and products on me. She has always been honest and nurturing and this has made all the difference for me. I will forever be a client and friend to Roche and as my daughter grows older, she too will get the honor of being involved in Roche's life.

Thank you Roche for all you have done. I feel like a better individual full of confidence and the knowledge you are so willing to pass on.

Much gratitude!!!

My first introduction to Roche and her Spa was to inquire about permanent eyebrows, needless to say I was quite apprehensive. After meeting Roche and seeing her clinic all fears were gone well almost, there was still fear of the unknown (pain). Roche is charming and she has a pleasant, caring personality, she also pays great attention to detail and cleanliness. Since then I have had facials, waxing, permanent eye liner and needling. Needling was unknown to me but Roche explained it in detail and showed me instruments used as well as what to expect. So I tried it. It made a difference in the depth of my wrinkles especially around my eyes and on my forehead, so, I've repeated needling and continue to do it. I always feel good and even beautiful when I leave her Spa.

I now buy all my products there because I trust Roche will sell me what I need, no extras. My days of HUNTING for products that I think or someone thinks I should try are over. Now, my beauty drawer is clear of the 100's of wasted dollars of beauty products.

Roche's Spa is my place to go when I need a beauty fix.

Thank you Roche,

Marg Engisch

Hi Roche,
My face is fabulous. The needling marks are barely noticeable. My x and my kids didn't say...."what happen to your face" lol I AM VERY VERY PLEASED!!!!!! And... my mother-in-law might actually interested in it next time.

You are AWESOME and BEAUTIFUL woman and I can FEEL that you love what you do. I listened to you talking to and soothing your clients through the discomfort and pain. You are wonderful. I'm glad Carla met you. I would never trust anyone else to do to my face what you did... I absolutely admire everything about you and know how hard you have worked for your achievements.

See you soon,

Just wanted you to know that that "thing" you removed on my eyelid is GONE!!!!! It looks awesome!!!!! What was it called anyway? THANK YOU!!!
I've been wanting it gone for years...My lips are doing good. Just a little chapped feeling. I think in two more days they will feel normal again.

Love Jac xo

"Having had a breast reduction at the age of 16 years old, which at the time was amoung the youngest to have gotten one, I developed an infection & was left with bad scarring around the nipples.
At my present age of 51 years, I look back at all the years I felt inferior & had low self esteem, when it came to nudity.
And then I was introduced to Roche...
She took one look & said "I can fix that!" & proceeded to explain how she would do it.
Since having the tatooing done, my life & mental attitude has completely changed!
Even though I do not walk around nude so that I can show the improvement, I now feel, inside, that I am a normal woman!!! It has been so long that I've felt like that, I could sing it from the roof tops!
For this, I give all credit to Roche!
I cannot stress the appreciation & graditude I feel towards Roche enough!
Just take a look at the pictures & they say it all.
As well as being completely professional, she has also been so supportive & such a pleasure to deal with whether on the phone or in person.
I would not hesitate in recommending Roche for any procedures."