Paramedical Procedures

Paramedical use of permanent makeup provides a finishing touch to surgical procedures, camouflaging scars and skin disorders and burns. Paramedical permanent makeup is the implantation of customized pigment within the skin in a safe an sterile environment by a highly trained, certified and experienced technician. This procedure has to be done in multiple sessions or until the desired appearance is achieved. Patch test is necessary.

Scar Camouflaging
Corrective Pigment Camouflage "CPC"

Restoring color to visible scars due to surgeries, burns, accidents and medical conditions such as vitiligo, alopecia & thyroid. Customized skin coloured pigments are infused into the scar to enhance its appearance.
For best results, the scars are at least one year old, paler than the surrounding skin, not raised or sunken and have a smooth texture.

Scar camouflaging before treatmentScar camouflaging right after treatment

         before                   right after

Areola Restoration and Nipple Repigmentation

Is a safe method of enhancing the appearance of the breast. The procedure is beneficial:
. as a final phase of breast reconstruction
. to conceal surgical scarring after breast uplift and breast reduction
. for men and women who want to improve the appearance of their areola
that have uneven color, too pale, without definition or too small

Areola restoration before treatmentAreola restoration after treatment

              before                            2 months later


Skin Needling/Dry Needling

An alternative to Botox and other fillers.
It is a technique used in collagen stimulation for wrinkles, scars and acne pits. More blood vessels and healthy skin are left intact, promoting healing and collagen deposit for better long term results. Because skin needling/dry needling does not destruct whole layers of the epidermis, this treatment can be done frequently, unlike the other methods. Three (3) treatments are recommended, 2 consecutive treatments within 4 weeks followed by the 3rd after 4 months.
A permanent makeup machine is used to perform the procedure by making multiple shallow punctures through the skin in order stimulate the collagen and elastine. No pigment is being involved.

Dry needling right after treatmentDry needling 3 months after treatment

        right after treatment              3 months later

Dry Needling before treatmentDry Needling right after treatmentDry Needling 6 months after treatment

       before                      right after               6 months later